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ALPACA CENTRAL is fast becoming the "go to" for anything Alpaca

Ming has been in the industry for some time now and has learnt (and still learning) everything there is to know about Alpaca breeding, animal husbandry, genetics, marketing of stud animals and breeding stock as well as pets.

Ming monitors trends of popularity of types of animals and is always happy to share his knowledge.

Alpaca farming has been popular in Australia for quite a few years now, although more recently, the industry has evolved to become quite professional in its standards and it caters for those who are looking for Pet Alpacas through to stud animals bred to grow very good quality fine fleece which is what Alpacas are known for.

The meat industry for Alpacas is also an avenue not to be forgotten about, as the meat is of very top quality, its very lean and high in protein. There are good returns to be had for the meat production of Alpacas.

Both the meat industry, wool industry and the Stud breeding is financially worthwhile if done in a prudent manner.

ALPACA CENTRAL supports the industry and regularly shows its animals at local and regional/National Alpaca shows.

ALPACA CENTREAL will be represented at The Royal Sydney Show this year and will see a selection of good quality young animals which Ming has selected for the 2019 show.

ALPACA CENTRAL are happy to consult with newcomers into the industry and give advice and suggestions as to what animals or what colour/type of animal that may suit the 1st timers into this industry.

ALPACA CENTRAL are in the Goulburn vicinity and are able to accommodate agistment and care of your animals if required.

ALPACA CENTRAL has a close relationship with LIZ and her excellent staff at the COOINDA VET HOSPITAL in Marulan who are always on-tap to ensure the excellent health of alt the animals on the farm at ALPACA CENTRAL.

Ming also provides a buy/sell service that all people within the industry can take advantage of. Please feel free to phone Ming on 0422 446 485 for more information.

ALPACA CENTRAL is based near Goulburn NSW and only keeps the top quality animals to ensure that the breeding lines are always improving on the quality of the fleece and meat.

ALPACA CENTRRAL has very good quality stud males as well as females showing top form for the quality of their off-spring (Cria) They are happy to use their stud animals for mating’s for appropriate females from NSW as well as other States.

Male and Female animals are regularly becoming available for sale but it is advisable to let Ming know what your needs might be in advance.

Alpaca usually give birth between 8am and 12mid day (usually) which ensures that the new born Cria have the best chance of survival. Being born and raised here in NSW isn’t such an issue because the climate certainly isn’t as cold as the mountains of Peru — which is where these animals originally came from.

Once born, Ming’s roll is to care for the animal’s survival which ensures the best possible outcome for all new Alpaca arrivals.

If you need the services of top-quality Stud males, then Ming can assist and guide you as to which males would best suit the needs of your females.

Ming has all various colours of Alpacas and includes the popular Appaloosa colours.

Presently Ming is preparing one of his latest acquisitions to his stud, which is a young male called MONTE CARLO and has excellent breeding and purchased from the renowned CEDAR HOUSE ALPACA Stud of Peter Sultan & Weridy Billington who have been in the industry pretty much from the start.

Ming has lots of associates and avenues to call on to research an animal’s history and the likelihood of expected new born Cria and what their strong genetics might be.

Buyers of good quality animals not only come from Australia but also overseas and especially the Asian market. Ming’s ability to speak Asian languages fluently is a great advantage for him to liaise directly with overseas buyers and interested parties. Ming is happy to consult for you should you have Asian buyers in the future.

Cria: Baby Alpaca

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